Green and Eco Policies

Ventnor Downs

We’re always keen to help the environment wherever possible and make our green island even greener, so we’re constantly looking to improve our green and eco credentials and become more sustainable at Shanklin Holiday Homes.

We’ve set out below all of the things we do to save energy and resources:

  • Paperwork: Email booking confirmations and other paperwork rather than print and post
  • Construction: Well insulated ceilings/walls, double glazing and draught proofing
  • Heating: Efficient electric heating with insulated cylinders at Highlands, gas combination boilers at The Priory and Shanklin Manor and heating timers, room thermostats and radiator thermostats for all apartments
  • Bathing: Dual flush toilets, aerated taps at Highlands and showers in all apartments
  • Electric: Electric solar panels at Highlands and LED light bulbs being installed on replacement where compatible, smart meters in place across all apartments
  • Appliances: A rated appliances for new appliances, microwaves provided and good seals on appliances
  • Bedding and Washing: Duvets and sheets provided for guests, instructions for quick/low heat washes in apartments, airers for air drying provided and option for discount on future stay by going green rather than take a linen/towel change for 2+ week guests
  • Cleaning: Bulk purchase of cleaning products to save packaging, eliminate single use plastic/toiletries and dishwashers in all available apartments
  • Waste: Recycling facilities provided with instructions
  • Transport: Full details of public transport options to get to the island and exploring it with car free and local wildlife suggestions on website
  • Shopping: Full details on local suppliers on website
  • Wildlife: Gardens with grassed areas, trees of all ages and plants at all apartments with wildlife including birds and red squirrels, fruit and nut trees at Highlands and The Priory, planting introducing plants grown locally at Ventnor Botanic Gardens, planting co-ordinated to provide colour and attraction for species through spring, summer and autumn, all apartments in or near the Isle of Wight Natural Landscape (previously Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [AONB])

Last Updated: 22/02/2024