1.1. A contract, subject to these conditions of hire, is made between the guests and Shanklin Holiday Homes when a booking, either by telephone or online, is made firm. By making a booking through these methods, you confirm you have read, fully understood and agree to these conditions, which are available online or on request. The booking becomes firm when the booking is made online or by telephone, the initial payment having been paid and received and the booking has been confirmed in writing by post or email. The booking summary automatically generated when booking online does not constitute a firm booking. When the booking becomes firm, the full rent will be required even in the event of a cancellation.

1.2. By making the booking, the lead guest making it confirms they are authorised by all guests to agree the conditions of hire on their behalf and they will take responsibility for all guests.


2.1. For bookings made more than 6 weeks in advance, a 30% deposit payment of the rent is required on booking and the outstanding 70% balance payment of the rent is required 6 weeks (42 days) prior to the booking without further demand. For bookings less than 6 weeks in advance, the full rent is required on booking. Unless indicated by the guests, the outstanding rent will be taken automatically from the same card. In the event of the rent due being outstanding after 24 hours from the booking being placed, it will be deemed to have been cancelled with no compensation or reimbursement due to the guests.

2.2. A pre-authorisation of £150.00 will be made on the payment card to act as a deposit against damages, breakages and/or extra cleaning if necessary. This will place a hold for the amount on the card and will be applied 1 day before the booking commences. For bookings beyond the length of the hold, which may vary between providers, the hold will be removed and a replacement pre-authorisation(s) will applied as many times as required to cover the whole period of the booking. Depending on the speed of your credit/debit card provider to complete the hold removal, there may be an overlap between pre-authorisations or when the final pre-authorisation is removed, which is outside our control and cannot be held liable for. If no such charges are required, the hold will be removed from the card for the full amount as soon as possible. In the event of any damages, breakages and/or extra cleaning is required, the cost will be taken from the card using the pre-authorisation, with any pre-authorised funds left after deductions returned to the guests as soon as possible. If any costs are in excess of the deposit, an invoice will be raised for the excess. A charge will apply against the deposit in the event of keys being lost to cover the cost of replacement keys and if required, installation of replacement locks and repairs.

2.3. Cancellations of a firm booking must be made in writing, with the date of cancellation being the date in which the written confirmation is received. Once the booking has been cancelled, the booked dates will be marketed again and in the event of a replacement booking(s) being placed that covers part or all of the original booking, a voucher towards a future stay will be provided up to the value of the original booking. The value of the voucher will take into account if the replacement booking(s) covers part or all of the original booking and any discounts provided or additional costs incurred to secure the replacement booking(s). In the event of a replacement booking(s) not being made, the guests will be liable for the full rent and we reserve the right to collect any outstanding rent on cancellation to cover this eventuality.

2.4 When booking through a partner, the deposit and balance percentages, due dates and cancellation policy may vary to the above and will be confirmed at time of booking. The varied terms and the remaining terms form the conditions of hire for the booking.

2.5 XCover is offered as an optional extra to provide refund protection for your booking under certain unexpected circumstances. Full information is available on our website and if taken up as an extra for your booking, the cost is non refundable. In the event of a cancellation and claim on your covered booking, full payment is required before a claim is made and these terms and conditions (excluding the provision of a voucher if a replacement booking(s) is made under 2.3) as well as XCover’s terms and conditions apply.


3.1. You must be aged 16 or over to place a booking.

3.2. All guests staying at the property booked must be detailed on the booking. Guests must not sublet the property nor share it with any person other than those listed on the booking. The maximum number of persons detailed on the property details for each property shall not be exceeded at any time, with Shanklin Holiday Homes reserving the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect if the number of guests exceeds the maximum number and no refund of rent or booking fee will be applicable.


4.1. It is recommended that guests put in place full travel insurance including cancellation cover before or as soon as possible after making a booking.

4.2. It is recommended that guests arrange ferry transport before or as soon as possible after making a booking. Cancellation due to not being able to arrange ferry transport will still result in the full payment being required as per the above clauses.


5.1. Keys will be either be dispatched prior to the booking or provided on arrival. On departure, keys are to be returned promptly as detailed in the information provided. Alterative arrangements may be in place for partner bookings.

5.2. Occupation is from 4pm and departure by 10am.

5.3. Stay information and directions will be provided before the booking commences.


6.1. Bed linen, duvets, pillows and bath towels are provided. Tea towels, oven gloves and beach towels are not provided.

6.2. A cot with/without linen and/or high chair is available upon request at time of booking and are subject to availability

6.3. All properties are no smoking and no pets. Shanklin Holiday Homes reserves the right to cancel the booking with immediate effect if this clause is breached and no refund of rent or booking fee will be applicable. Charges will also be made against the deposit for repairs of damage and extra cleaning as required.


7.1. All water, electric, gas and waste are included within the rent.

7.2. Where internet access is provided, Shanklin Holiday Homes cannot be held liable for loss of service or speed, compatibility or connectivity issues arising when using the internet. All guests are required to observe a fair use policy and indemnify Shanklin Holiday Homes in the event of illegal or copyrighted materials being downloaded and consent for their details to be passed on to the relevant authorities if required. Use of any internet access is at your own risk and Shanklin Holiday Homes do not guarantee or be held liable for the security of the service.


8.1. Whilst it is endeavoured to provide all properties to the highest possible standard, it is not always possible to meet everyone’s expectations. Shanklin Holiday Homes cannot be held liable for:

8.1.1. matters arising from the condition or cleanliness of the property on arrival
8.1.2. matters outside reasonable control, such as appliance/technology breakdowns, plumbing, water, waste, electric or gas problems, television signal or any other such matter, though every effort will be made to rectify any problems as soon as possible
8.1.3. works taking place outside the boundary of the property and any noise and/or nuisance arising from it
8.1.4. noise and/or nuisance from neighbouring properties


9.1. The property should be left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the booking.

9.2. During and at the end of the booking, doors and windows of the property must be closed and locked when unoccupied and whilst sleeping. In the event of theft or damage due to failure to comply with this condition, the cost of replacement, repairs or making good will fall on the guests.

9.3. Bins must be used, segregated, positioned and emptied as per instructions in the property.

9.4. In the interests of fire safety and as per government guidance, candles or similar and disposable barbeques or similar are not to be used within the property or on external balconies and gardens.

9.5. Guests and their visitors are required to not cause a nuisance and/or annoyance to any neighbouring property or act in an antisocial manner, with termination of the contract if the guests and/or their visitors noise levels and/or behaviour are considered inappropriate by Shanklin Holiday Homes, including if complaints from neighbours are made, with no refunds, expenses or costs incurred from termination payable.

9.6. Guests and their visitors are required not to behave in a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger or damage to the property, individuals or other properties or behave in an illegal manner. In the event of such action, the contract will be terminated with no refunds or expenses or costs incurred from termination payable.

9.7. Shanklin Holiday Homes and/or their authorised representative or workmen with or without equipment shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during the booking for purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance, with notice provided wherever possible. In an emergency or not being able to get in contact with guests to provide notice, the right may be exercised at any time of day or night.


10.1. Full access statements and further information on all properties are available on request. It is the responsibility of the guests to satisfy themselves that the property will meet the needs of all guests before booking and no compensation will be provided if the guests have failed to verify that the property meets their needs and the booking is cancelled or a problem arises during the booking. Full payment will still be required as per the above clauses.


11.1. In the event of a problem during the booking, the guests must contact Shanklin Holiday Homes as soon as possible and at the latest by 5pm on the next working day, with efforts to be made to resolve the problem. Problems and complaints made will not be considered unless raised immediately during the booking to allow for verification. In the event of a request for a refund or compensation, the complaint must be made in writing, with full details of the complaint, dates and property.

11.2. Any damages or breakages are the responsibility of the guests and must be advised of as soon as possible and at the latest by 5pm on the next working day.

11.3. In the event of item(s) being left behind, a £30.00 handling charge plus postage and packaging will be charged to return the item(s).


12.1. If, for any reason beyond Shanklin Holiday Homes’ control, the property is not available on the date booked, all rent and charges paid in advance by the guests will be refunded in full, subject to the guests having no further claim against Shanklin Holiday Homes.

12.2. The contract created by these conditions of hire is a holiday let within the meaning given in paragraph 9 of Part 1 to schedule 1 of the Housing Act 1988 and is governed by English Law. This gives the guests the right to occupy the property for the period detailed on the written confirmation with use of its contents and for holiday purposes only.

12.3. Some older properties may have been constructed before or with limited damp proofing. No claim for compensation, refund or cancellation can be made if damp is present in a property.

12.4. Shanklin Holiday Homes cannot accept responsibility for injury to guests, visitors or third parties (except in the case of death or personal injury resulting from gross negligence) or loss or damage to their belongings, their car or its contents.


13.1. Shanklin Holiday Homes may use guests’ personal information for marketing their services unless indicated by the guests.

13.2. Every effort is made to make sure all marketing, such as but not limited to our website, advertising in brochures, leaflets, documents, emails and communications and other such items, are accurate, with all information provided in good faith and believed to be correct at time of publication or update. However, Shanklin Holiday Homes cannot accept liability for errors or omissions or advertising via third parties.


14.1. No liability can be accepted and no compensation will be paid where the guests or their personal property (and/or any person visiting the property and/or their personal property) suffer any loss, damage, injury, disappointment, inconvenience or otherwise, or where the performance or prompt performance of any obligations by Shanklin Holiday Homes are prevented or affected by any event which Shanklin Holiday Homes could not have reasonably foreseen or avoided including war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of international borders, disease, non-availability of transport services, interruption to services/utilities and all similar events outside the control of Shanklin Holiday Homes.

Last Updated: 11/10/2023