Brand New Dinosaur Discovered In Shanklin

We’ve really excited to see the news of a brand new dinosaur, discovered in Shanklin!

The new find, Vectaerovenator inopinatus, has been found at the foot of the cliffs right under our cliff top apartments, The Priory and Highlands. The rare find, dating back 115 million years, was located by several members of the public and passed on to Dinosaur Isle in Sandown for further investigation.

Working with the University of Southampton, they discovered that the fossils belonged to a brand new dinosaur and the new name takes inspiration from the Isle of Wight through Vect for Vectis, the ancient Roman name for the island.

You can see the fossils at Dinosaur Isle from today – booking is essential – and find out more through the video below and on the university’s website.

You never know what you’ll find next time you are walking Shanklin beach!