Gold In Visit Isle of Wight Green Tourism Award

We’re are delighted to say we’ve been recognised in Visit Isle of Wight’s Green Tourism Award, gaining a gold!🥇

This builds on our previous silver in their Green Star scheme, which has now been replaced by the new awards.

We are always looking to improve our information on how to have a green stay on the island, continuously adding more details to our website on public transport, getting around the island without a car and how to access green facilities such as bicycle, electric bicycle and Beryl scooter hire, the growing electric car charging network locally and more.

We’ve also got information on how to explore the island’s countryside and wildlife, especially locally to our apartment. On site, we have bicycle parking, solar panels and electric boilers at Highlands, LED lighting, smart meters, our “go green” changeover scheme and more.

Visit our Guides section for all of the information discussed above